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Hey, y’all when I’m shopping for a guitar I’m all business you may think it’s annoying but first thing I’m gonna do is check each individual fret, one at a time for any buzzing. Then I’m gonna check the pick up toggle the knobs. Anything else you can think of make sure there’s no shorts in the wiring. I’ve definitely bought one of those or maybe two that sucks. Only now is it time to actually play some music on the guitar to see how it sounds and also paying attention to the action on the neck. And I remember, I said, play music not play a song I check low and high end I do long, sustained full chord strokes, and quick fast biting Stums. If you’re just playing songs on a brand new guitar, it’s gonna take quite a long time to figure out the versatility of the instrument put it through a rigorous test that you designed yourself. And you could have the peace of mind, knowing that you’ll always be able to pick out the best instrument possible. 😎

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I'm thinking it should be 4 songs.

2 for acoustic and 2 for electric and maybe a couple of bass riffs just in case.

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Oh yes real talk the stage fright can definitely have an impact on the process.

That’s funny I was just thinking about setup was another REALLY important factor I forgot about. for example when testing the guitar, open chords versus Barchords can be an easy way to reveal imperfections in the intonation. So the cost for setting the guitar up if need be, is also something to consider.

Right on Paul I like your style I’m ready to go guitar shopping now 😎

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